Monday, 14 April 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 Top Tips and Tricks

I have been using the Galaxy S5 for few days now. There might me a group of people says what`s new in Galaxy S5 or it is just a Galaxy 4S but majority of the people will love the device once you get to know all the special features. I have listed few tips and tricks which I liked most in Galaxy S5. I am sure you are gonna use these. Read on for details.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Download Booster missing in AT&T Galaxy S5 SM-G900A

Galaxy S5 is just launched and already in some kind of issues with operators. AT&T, one of the biggest 4G LTE network in USA has started shipping out Galaxy S5 but with a surprise. Few features which were advertised by Samsung are not available in the retail units of AT&T Galaxy S5. Read on for details and screenshots.

How to Install/Activate/Exit Kids mode on Galaxy S5

Kids mode is a very useful feature on Samsung Galaxy S5. Samsung has not Pre-installed Kids mode on Galaxy S5, may to save some space for the users who don`t want that feature. But it is really easy to install if you know the steps. Below is the detailed guide on how to Install, activate and De-Activate/Exit Kids mode on Samsung Galaxy S5.

Regular Micro USB Cable/Charger/Connector for Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5 has came with lot of improvements in terms of features and hardware. Micro USB 3.0 port is one of them. Micro USB 3.0 offers faster Data transfer rate and faster charging through PC. But what about the old micro USB cables, Adapters, Chargers or car chargers. Read on for details.