Wednesday, 22 June 2011

How to open Password protected/Encrypted PDF files on Android for free

Without any second thought Android is the best mobile operating system I have ever used. The variety and flexibility through thousands of Apps is just awesome. But sometime we face some strange problems like error while opening a password protected PDF files. Today i will discuss a free solution to open all type of password protected or encrypted PDF files on Android mobile.

Yesterday I was trying to open my credit card statement on my Android Galaxy S2 i9100, although inbuilt Adobe reader 10.0.2 is capable of opening Password protected file but I got an error "The document cannot be opened because it is corrupted or damaged." Then I tried opening the same in Samsung provided Polaris office & it says "This document has password. It cannot be opened."

Here is the simple solution -
Go to Android Market and download SLG Mobile`s BeamReader PDF viewer.

Main Features of BeamReader are -
  • Fast full fidelity rendering
  • Intuitive granular zoom and document navigation
  • Support for all types of PDF documents (e.g. scanned, faxed, schematics, etc.)
  • Support for encrypted and password protected documents
  • Text search within the document
  • Support for bookmarks
  • Support for embedded links
Please note that Acrobat reader is capable of opening password protected PDF files as per tech specs but it gives error for me. Beamreader works smooth for opening protected PDF files and available for free.


  1. The free version is a 10-day trial

  2. thanks Man! this worked for me. God bless you.

  3. Adobe reader is free and its available in Android market. Just 2.8mb

  4. use pdfassist available on google play. It can remember your PDF passwords and open them using the PDF viewer already present on your phone.

  5. update your adobe reader. it will support encrypted files too

  6. All you need to do is run the software and select the file you need to recover access to and it will display the original VBA password in seconds.
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