Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Free VoIP calls from Android to India, Italy, USA, China, UK

Android is really amazing operating system and gives you flexibility to do almost anything. One of that is making mobile VoIP/internet calls on your Android phone using 2G/3G or WiFi. Well VoIP is relatively very cheap when compared to normal phone calls. But today we will discuss something which will allow you to make 100% free calls on Android to India, Italy, USA, China and UK.

WiMobile is relatively new service provider in VoIP industry and they are promoting their services with a really exciting offer.

In short -
  • You can make 100% free calls to India, Italy, USA, China and UK
  • Make calls from any smart phone (Android, iPhone, Symbian or Blackberry) through SIP
How to make free calls -
  • Visit & Sign up (100% free)
  • Check your email for Account activation
  • You will receive email containing your user id and password
  • Download CSipSimple from android market
  • Choose Add accounts >> Other Country providers >> WiMobile
  • enter your username and password and you are ready to go.
  • You can dial the number using international format E.g. for USA +1XXXXXXXXXX
You can also configure WiMobile on your PC using below settings -
  • User name - you got in email
  • password - you got in email
Offer valid till 15 Sep 2011.
    Happy Free calling on Android.


    1. this is fake it has a rate

    2. @anonymous

      it is not fake at all... the free offer was only till 15 sep 2011 which we have clearly mebtioned in blog.. if you want just confirm with their support team

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