Saturday, 17 September 2011

How to Install GTalk 1.3 Video chat on Galaxy S2 I9100 in one click

As you all aware that Samsung has removed inbuilt GTalk video calling support in latest Galaxy S2 (SII) firmwares. Today I will tell you easiest way to get native GTalk Video chat support on your Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100.

So first option is to use GTalk Video through third party application like Vtok which we have already covered on

Second option is only for rooted device (Rooting guide for Galaxy S2) which we going to cover today.

How to install Gtalk native video support (i.e. GTalk 1.3) on a rooted device

There are several ways to do this like changing system files and installing new version but we will discuss simplest way.. Just follow the steps -
  • Download [root] Talk 1.3 Installer [Market Link]
  • Install the application and run it (Super user permissions need to be given)
  • Choose Recommended latest version & Click on Install and you will be done 

    Now you will have GTalk Video option on your device.

    Please note that updating you GTalk Application will remove your Google login information from the device. You need to login again.