Tuesday, 20 September 2011

iMobile : ICICI bank free Android application

Mobile phone are no longer used only as a medium for making phone calls, now you can use it as multimedia device, navigation device, translator, a heath monitor or even banking. Mobile banking offers you host of services like account monitoring, fund transfer, check status, stop cheque, loans and demat services. ICICI Bank is one of the leading financial institution in INDIA and today we will discuss about ICICI bank iMobile application for android.

How to download ICICI iMobile application on Android

Goto your phone browser and visit http://mobile.icicibank.com/dl
Download and Install from Android Market

Features available with ICICI Bank

Tradus Rs300 offer for activating iMobile application (Valid till Nov 10, 2011). 
If you are not an existing user of iMobile then you can avail this offer. Just activate the application and you will receive Rs300 voucher on your email.


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