Sunday, 20 November 2011

How to use your Android phone camera as webcam for PC and Laptop

Most of the Android phone are now equipped with high resolution camera at least much better than an ordinary PC Webcam. You can use this feature of your mobile phone for using android mobile as a PC webcam for GTalk, Skype, Yahoo messenger or any other video chat application. We will discuss about two free applications today which will allow you to use your mobile as a PC webcam.

We will discuss about DroidCam wireless webcam and EpocCam from Kinoni free versions for webcam application.

Please note that for any webcam application which doesn`t use any internet streaming you need to have both PC and mobile client of application and connect the mobile using USB/Bluetooth or same wireless router.

Lets discuss about DroidCam wireless webcam
  • Use your phone as a webcam/mic on your PC over WiFi or USB
  • Allows you to chat using "DroidCam Webcam" on your computer (Skype/Yahoo/MSN/etc..), and talk via "DroidCam Microphone".
Installation/Setup of DroidCam wireless webcam
  • You must download from and install a computer client to use the app (Windows or Linux versions available)
  • Download the mobile app from Android Market
  • Now run the App on Mobile and PC then choose connectivity option on PC app after entering IP from mobile APP and you are done 
Video tutorial on DroidCam YouTube

Lets discuss about EpocCam from Kinoni
  • Up to 720x480 resolution 30 frames per second best quality video
  • Low latency audio recording - use your phone as a wireless microphone
  • Simple to use - mobile phone and PC connection does not require any setup
  • Best application support - works with Skype, MSN Live Messenger, Google+ Hangouts, Facebook Video Calling, Yahoo! Messenger, Chatroulette, YouTube, ICQ, AIM, Windows Movie Maker, Boinx TV, CamTwist, Camtasia and
Installation/Setup of EpocCam from Kinoni
Final Words
We have tried using Samsung Galaxy S2 as Webcam using both applications and results were good. We were able to setup both in minutes. Video quality of EpocCam was good comparatively although it was supporting only 640 X 480 resolution in free version. If you want to have good enough picture then we will prefer DroidCam. Also please note that since both applications works with rear cam only, you can use it on any Android device having a rear cam.