Thursday, 15 December 2011

Common Question on I9100XXKP1 Android 4.0.1 ICS for Galaxy S2

I have been playing with I9100XXKP1 Android Ice cream sandwich for last one day. Many people have emailed us with the queries on this firmware. Well I will not disappoint you. I have compiled almost all the questions here with proper answers.

Q : How to Flash or install I9100XXKP1 on Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 Safely
A : Visit for detailed instructions and download links.

Q : I9100XXKP1 is a official ROM or Custom ROM?
A : I9100XXKP1 is neither of both. Its basically a developer ROM which is used for testing purpose. Guys at SamMobile leaked it.. Ton thanks to them.

Q : What is working and what is not working in I9100XXKP1 Android 4.0.1 for I9100?
A : All basic functions like call, SMS, camera, Calender works perfectly the only thing is you may see some force closes.

Q : 3G data connection is not working in I9100XXKP1 ICS firmware? Can it be solved?
A : Yes 3G data doesn`t work initially. But you can enable it easily. Here is the guide.

Q : While using the phone dark red border is coming? How to remove that?
A : To remove that red border goto settings > Developer options > remove check on Strict mode enabled.

Q : How is Face lock/unlock feature in I9100XXKP1?
A : It works perfectly even in low light condition. Only thing is that your face may look little blueish.

Q : Is I9100XXKP1 is slow because of Samsung Touchwiz?
A : Partially yes. You can anyway use ADWlauncher to boost the speed.

Q : I9100XXKP1 Android 4.0.1 is rooted or not?
A : When you boot up your screen, A yellow triangle comes on the screen. But this firmware is not properly rooted.

Q : How to root I9100XXKP1 Android 4.0.1 firmware?
A : Rooting is very easy and one min process. Check the I9100XXKP1 rooting guide.

Q : Should I update to this firmware?
A : If you want to have some hands on ICS Android 4.0.1 then definitely yes. Its not that bad though.

Q : Can I update to I9100XXKP1 from any Gingerbread?
A : Yes you can.

Q : Can I install I9100XXKP1 on At&t or Tmobile version of Galaxy S2?
A : No you should not install this firmware if you model is not exactly matching I9100.

Q : How is the battery life in I9100XXKP1 ICS?
A : Still testing in progress will update you soon.

More to come... If you have any other question please put in comments.