Thursday, 15 December 2011

Common Question on I9100XXKP1 Android 4.0.1 ICS for Galaxy S2

I have been playing with I9100XXKP1 Android Ice cream sandwich for last one day. Many people have emailed us with the queries on this firmware. Well I will not disappoint you. I have compiled almost all the questions here with proper answers.

Q : How to Flash or install I9100XXKP1 on Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 Safely
A : Visit for detailed instructions and download links.

Q : I9100XXKP1 is a official ROM or Custom ROM?
A : I9100XXKP1 is neither of both. Its basically a developer ROM which is used for testing purpose. Guys at SamMobile leaked it.. Ton thanks to them.

Q : What is working and what is not working in I9100XXKP1 Android 4.0.1 for I9100?
A : All basic functions like call, SMS, camera, Calender works perfectly the only thing is you may see some force closes.

Q : 3G data connection is not working in I9100XXKP1 ICS firmware? Can it be solved?
A : Yes 3G data doesn`t work initially. But you can enable it easily. Here is the guide.

Q : While using the phone dark red border is coming? How to remove that?
A : To remove that red border goto settings > Developer options > remove check on Strict mode enabled.

Q : How is Face lock/unlock feature in I9100XXKP1?
A : It works perfectly even in low light condition. Only thing is that your face may look little blueish.

Q : Is I9100XXKP1 is slow because of Samsung Touchwiz?
A : Partially yes. You can anyway use ADWlauncher to boost the speed.

Q : I9100XXKP1 Android 4.0.1 is rooted or not?
A : When you boot up your screen, A yellow triangle comes on the screen. But this firmware is not properly rooted.

Q : How to root I9100XXKP1 Android 4.0.1 firmware?
A : Rooting is very easy and one min process. Check the I9100XXKP1 rooting guide.

Q : Should I update to this firmware?
A : If you want to have some hands on ICS Android 4.0.1 then definitely yes. Its not that bad though.

Q : Can I update to I9100XXKP1 from any Gingerbread?
A : Yes you can.

Q : Can I install I9100XXKP1 on At&t or Tmobile version of Galaxy S2?
A : No you should not install this firmware if you model is not exactly matching I9100.

Q : How is the battery life in I9100XXKP1 ICS?
A : Still testing in progress will update you soon.

More to come... If you have any other question please put in comments.


  1. Please post a guide to get the 3G working. Thats the only thing holding me back. Do calling work, like in getting the mic to work in a call?

  2. @Anonymous

    Will update very soon.. I got it working. so don`t worry.

  3. Good to know. Then I am downloading and hoping you update soon. Talking about days, or maybe 1-2 hours?

  4. @Anonymous

    Its updated on blog...

    here it is

    Share with your friends also..

  5. Q : While using the phone dark red border is coming? How to remove that?
    A : To remove that red border goto settings > Developer options > remove check on Strict mode enabled.


  6. @Anonymous

    i can`t help.. this is a testing ROM.. it should get removed by that only..

  7. help me pls.. how can i get back to older version of android gingerbread 2.3.3

  8. @Anonymous

    Yes you can do it easily.. Just follow the steps on dialandroid.

    If KI3 is good for you check this

  9. dude pls help me out..i need android 2.3.3 gingerbread os .the one which given by samsung galaxy s2

  10. yea im trying to go back to stock, it was fun playing with ics but now im ready to move back to gingerbread.. how can we?

  11. @gilbert

  12. @Anonymous

    you need to download 2.3.3 GB from XDA and flash using ODIN

  13. @dialandroid

    odin is not recognizing my phone anymore

  14. @gilbert

    Have you installed drivers properly..

    sw off phone and press VOl down+home+power

  15. @dialandroid

    yes i have. My drivers seemed to work when i installed ics. I downloaded the drivers and installed them again and I still don't get the yellow box on Odin

  16. i want to edit khmer font and which font name i should replace? Can we use multiling keyboard for ice cream sanwich?

  17. can i install it on i900G

  18. oups! can i install it on i9100G

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