Monday, 26 December 2011

How to Download Torrent files or Pause/resume support on Android Phone : aDownloader Review

Have you got an error while downloading a file on your Android stock browser? Phone doesn’t support Torrent download? When you try to download a file on internet browser, it will simply say download unsuccessful. It may be because of the size of the file or many other factors. Today I will discuss a free App to solve this issue.

aDownloader is a free app developed by Ansha Team. Main features of the application are –
  • Break Pause/Resume feature
  • Torrent download
  • HTTP download
  • WiFi only network select option
  • Set max connections
How to use aDownloader app to download a file
Just click on options by pressing left menu button or long press the link button and click on share link. Share with aDownloader. 


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