Thursday, 15 December 2011

How to root I9100XXKP1 Android 4.0.1 ICS firmware for Galaxy S2 in two minutes

I hope you are still testing new Ice cream sandwich firmware on your Galaxy S2. We have already covered I9100 ICS installation guide on Dialandroid. if you want to play with your phone then Rooting is the most important thing you need to do specially in case of this testing firmware. There are few bugs in I9100XXKP1 firmware which can be corrected by rooting the device. Here is one simple guide to root I9100XXKP1 in 2 minutes.

  • Samsung USB drivers for i9100 (available on Sammobile)
  • SuperOneClickv2.3.1-ShortFuse from official website

Procedure to root I9100XXKP1
  • Goto Settings > Developer options  and enable USB debugging.
  • Connect you phone to PC in switch on mode.
  • Open/Run SuperOneClick.exe which you will get by unzipping
  • Click on the Root button
  • Continue the process with Yes or continue buttons

Please note that "It will show, Your device already appears to be rooted!! Are you sure you want to continue?" you need to Click YES there.

Now you can see SuperUser App on your phone. Enjoy


  1. Switchon mode?
    Meaning it is not on?
    Download mode?

  2. @Anonymous

    Sorry for the confusion....

    I mean to say keep the phone on as you do in normal use.

    I have used this world specifically so that people dont get confused it with ODIN download mode

  3. hi, can't get this to work.. tried many times..

  4. @Fraca90

    Whats is the error? have you switched on USB debugging

  5. Worked for me...Check ur Paypal..

  6. @Skillady

    I don`t have paypal account. :)

    DO you want me to register one.

  7. Hi,
    Please help me root my Penta IS709C with ICS 4.0.1. I have tried Superoneclick, Bin4ary and Unlock Root but none of them work. I think the problem is with the drivers as list of devices after running adb devices is blank. I have already contacted the manufacturer and they don't seem to have any drivers.
    Thanks for all your help...

  8. I have china galaxy GT-I9220 MTK6575 or 77 or 73 I don't know but the made spreadturm company and OS is 4.0.1 kernal version In xda fourm says samsung custom rom leak firmware

    Is this above support may phone?