Tuesday, 27 December 2011

I9100XWKL1 Android 2.3.6 official Kies Update for INDIA Galaxy S2(SII) I9100

If you are from INDIA and waiting for Samsung Kies official update for your Galaxy S2(SII) then your wait is finally over. You can now connect your phone to KIES and you will see a pop up for latest firmware I9100XWKL1. If you are not able to update using Kies because you have already updated your phone using ODIN then refer to  I9100XWKL1 ODIN installation guide.

Product Code: GT-I9100LKAINU
Latest firmware: I9100XWKL1/I9100ODDKL1/I9100DDKL1/I9100XWKL1
Android 2.3.6


  1. i havent upgraded galaxy s2 even once via odin, but now i was upgrading via kies, first it started to analyze , then download then install. When all was finished i just disconnected my phone to check it was same 2.3.3
    And now when connect again kies shows this mess "Your device doesn't support software upgrading via Kies"

    Now i dont know where the problem is , please do help

  2. hi i am using siyah 2.6 kernel over the firmware given in your 2.3.5 android section
    my baseband version is i9100xxki3
    is it valid for me
    can i use anything not compatible for my baseband?

  3. Greetings!

    Good day dialanndroid. You said you will post installation guide soon. the update is for india can i also install it though im here in philippines? whT are its features? Is it already stable?

    Please answer..thanks somuch and more power

  4. @Anonymous

    If kies is not updating your phone... try ODIN method.

    You can install on KI3.

    If you are not in INDIA then you may not get kies update try using ODIN method.

  5. No 2.3.6 ota update for my s2(i9100). :(. i am from India

  6. @Arp

    there will not be any OTA for Indian S2 customers.

    Connect using Kies

  7. thank you so much dialandroid for this update it worked fine for me

  8. I am from Bangalore India and using latest ver of Kies but not getting any firmware update information when connecting mobile to kies?

  9. @Anonymous

    It happens sometime... keep trying with Kies or use ODIN

  10. Registry entry (windows 7) shows region as US. I have changed it to INU and UK also but still not able to get the firmware update in Kies in India


  11. @Anonymous

    Kies is like that only ,,, you cant help

  12. I am from India. What is the latest firmware update available for Samsung Galaxy S (GT I9000). And from where can I install it.

    1. Try using Kies first... if doesnt work out then use ODIN

  13. Tejaswi

    hi dail android,

    i tried updating thru kies alot of times. it i not moving from 'preparing firmware upgrade components' window. help & if i update using odin will the warranty be void? plz help

    1. If you install custom firmwares it will void the warranty..but for official one no issues

  14. hi,
    I bought my phone in INdia last July and 4 months back i travelled to US. I didnt get any update till now when i connect to KIES. my android version is still 2.3.3.
    Any advice to get latest official android version ?

  15. i want to update to ice cream sandwitch.how can i do it ?
    is their any official version for ics 4.0 for india ?

    1. no official ICS yet but you can update to LP6 ... check dialandroid for the same