Saturday, 31 December 2011

Root/unroot any Android phone in one click with Unlock Root tool for WinXP/Vista/7

By rooting your Android phone you can do several things like enabling a manufactures disabled feature, play with your device CPU and hardware. But searching for proper root files and procedure is a confusing task specially for beginners. But now you can root any Android device with a simple tool called unlockroot in just one click. This tool allows you to root/unroot your Android phone using Windows PC. Read further details.

Unlock Root is a software made by developers who famous for there AnTuTu Benchmark application and CPU master applications. Now come to UnlockRoot windows app.

Features of UnlockRoot for Android
  • Root almost any Android device from any manufacturer including China phones
  • One click to root or unroot phone
  • Devices includes - All Acer phones, Nexus phones, Galaxy Phones, HTC phones.. Few of them listed below
    • HTC Sensation (G14)
    • HTC Wildfire S (G13)
    • HTC Desire S (G12)
    • HTC Incredible S (G11)
    • Galaxy Nexus (i9250)
    • Galaxy Note (I9220)
    • Galaxy S II (I9100)
    • Galaxy S (I9000)
    • LG Optimus 2x
    • LG Optimus LET
    • LG Optimus 3D (P920)
    • LG Optimus Black and many more... Check full list here
How to root/unroot your Android phone
  • Download and install unlockroot22.exe from Unlock Root website
  • Goto Settings >> application >> Development and enable USB debugging
  • Connect your phone to PC using USB cable while keeping your phone switched on
  • Click on Root or Unroot as you need
  • UnlockRoot Application will detect your phone and show on screen to confirm with current operating system version
  • Confirm the selection and just wait for sometime (3-10 minutes depending on phone)

That`s it.

I have tested this on Galaxy S2 I9100 for both rooting and unrooting

 Rooting Galaxy S2 I9100
Unrooting Galaxy S2 I9100


  1. dialandroid

    it's show's failed.. in my 2.3.6 Galaxy s2

    1. Rooting 2.3.6 makes wifi fail have to down grade to 2.3.4 for it to work

  2. @Trouble

    please tell me exact firmware version

  3. dialanroid the firm version you introduce offficial KL1

    failed to get shell

  4. Failed to get shell:

    Android 2.3.6

  5. Thanks for the post. I upgraded to 2.3.6 and found that Devanagari characters (इकार, अकार etc.) are not rendered correctly in browser. However, inside address bar and messaging textfield the characters are rendered perfectly.

    Is there any solution?

  6. Anyone tested for Samsung galaxy Ace v2.3.4? Working?

    1. 19: Q

  7. I've used z4root.apk application previously to root my Samsung Galaxy Tab. It allowed me to download applications that are only applicable and compatible for rooted phones.

  8. Tried on HTC Incredible S but failed.

  9. i'm from algeria galaxy ace s5830 android 4.0.1
    thank'x so much it's work so good!!!

  10. The app works great on htc sensation 4g, does anyone knows whether you can apply ota one unroot or is stock recovery required?

  11. i've try to root but unlockroot doesn't detect my android..n when i click unroot..its always ask me to install driver

  12. Your post is very easy to understand,I will share it with my friends. Hope there will be more good posts here...
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