Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Why Samsung is not giving ICS Android 4.0 for Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab 7.0 P1000? Will give Value pack?

Recently we have covered post regarding official ICS update from Samsung, few people got excited while few faced disappointment as Samsung has ruled out ICS update for Galaxy S1 and Galaxy Tab 7.0 P1000. What is the reason behind it? Why Samsung is putting customer loyalty on stake with one its most selling mobile phone. Well Samsung has some reasons for it. But are they valid? Well you need to decide this. Read on for more details.

Both Samsung Galaxy S I9000 and Galaxy Tab 7.0 P1000 has 512MB RAM which is the problem for Samsung while porting Ice cream Sandwich Android 4.0. As per Samsung using the TouchWiz skin, video conferencing software, additional widgets, carrier software and localization gives a challenge in RAM and ROM management. 

This is where you need to think about the brand loyalty. When Apple has released iOS 5, it has given update to iPhone 3GS also which is at least a year old to Galaxy S.

Sammoblie has started a online petition for this, you can also register your name here. We hope Samsung will listen to this and do something to save Galaxy S and TAB 7.0 going outdated.

Well but if you are a techie user then just wait for sometime for a stable ICS build for Galaxy S and other devices by a custom ROM. We will cover best custom roms with a detailed procedure and video guide to help you update your phone to ICS Android 4.0.

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As per the latest reports Samsung is thinking of giving Value pack update for Galaxy S i9000 and P1000 device. This value pack will not consist full android 4.0 ICS but will give you some feel of it.