Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Why Samsung is not giving ICS Android 4.0 for Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab 7.0 P1000? Will give Value pack?

Recently we have covered post regarding official ICS update from Samsung, few people got excited while few faced disappointment as Samsung has ruled out ICS update for Galaxy S1 and Galaxy Tab 7.0 P1000. What is the reason behind it? Why Samsung is putting customer loyalty on stake with one its most selling mobile phone. Well Samsung has some reasons for it. But are they valid? Well you need to decide this. Read on for more details.

Both Samsung Galaxy S I9000 and Galaxy Tab 7.0 P1000 has 512MB RAM which is the problem for Samsung while porting Ice cream Sandwich Android 4.0. As per Samsung using the TouchWiz skin, video conferencing software, additional widgets, carrier software and localization gives a challenge in RAM and ROM management. 

This is where you need to think about the brand loyalty. When Apple has released iOS 5, it has given update to iPhone 3GS also which is at least a year old to Galaxy S.

Sammoblie has started a online petition for this, you can also register your name here. We hope Samsung will listen to this and do something to save Galaxy S and TAB 7.0 going outdated.

Well but if you are a techie user then just wait for sometime for a stable ICS build for Galaxy S and other devices by a custom ROM. We will cover best custom roms with a detailed procedure and video guide to help you update your phone to ICS Android 4.0.

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As per the latest reports Samsung is thinking of giving Value pack update for Galaxy S i9000 and P1000 device. This value pack will not consist full android 4.0 ICS but will give you some feel of it.


  1. But, then why do not they update SGS Plus i9001 to ICS? That phone has same specs as "SE Xperia Arc S" which is getting ICS treatment.
    They cannot say that i9001 cannot run ICS because of "hardware limitations". And that phone is still on sale in many telekom operators shops.
    Even LG announced ICS for Optimus Black which is weaker than i9001. I want to know why Samsung refuse to update i9001???

  2. Sign petition for ICS on i9000 i9001 and spread the word:

    post this petition link on all forums and in blog comments!

  3. Samsung is going to make android 4 to a complete failure.

    Either developers are starting to use the new features of android 4 and making people unhappy because these new apps won't work on their android 2.3 phones.
    Or the developers only use android 2.3 features and making every one wondering why to ungrade to android 4 if there's no use for it.

    Meanwhile windows phone is gaining momentum and Apple won't loose any customers (they have a loyal group of customers and the highest product satisfaction) So I think android will loose customers to windows phone. You can already see HTC, LG and sony struggeling to make money with android phones.

    The only think samsung should do is to make android 4 available on as many phones as possible so android is still atractive for developers and customers who can enjoy new, inovative and exciting apps. But so far the customersupport of samsung gives you the feeling you've been samsunged and it doesn't feel good.

  4. you why android is making new firmware for their new phones?? its all part of the plan... they knew the the android OS is going to be buggy or unstable that its gonna damage some parts of the device like ex. the battery part, and as you all know is the most part of the device that is talking about in the net of how to deal with the wrong meter of battery due to software or firmware they say .. so as divertion.. samsung is releasing these HONEYcomb or ICS or divert attention from the main problem.