Tuesday, 31 January 2012

How to take complete backup of your Android phone with Apps

One of the greatest advantage Android has over iPhone is the ability to put any of the hundreds of Custom roms that Developers make for any phone model to tweak its performance.You are not at the mercy of the Phone company to come out with the update to make your phone faster .The only problem with constantly updating your phone is that you lose all the data. Although Google promises you to backup most of the things of your device but still not 100% reliable. Getting back all your contacts, sms,call logs & most importantly all the apps & their settings can be quite annoying. Thankfully Android always has solutions to all your problems.

Install ICS Themed Sunday Final ROM on Galaxy ACE S5830 based on CM7

For all those who have been waiting for Samsung to release ICS for your Ace must surely realise by now that is not going to happen. Thankfully you have very talented developers who build custom rom for your phones and tweak its performance. Previously we had published an article about ICS Myth Rom for Ace which was a ICS themed light-weight rom based on gingerbread. Now there is another Rom out. This Rom is called ICS FINAL which is very popular amongst Cyanogenmod users as it based on cm7. Lets see how to Install ICS Sunday Final on Galaxy ACE.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

How to Fix GPS issue in I9100XXLP6 ICS Android 4.0.3 firmware for Galaxy S2(SII) I9100

I9100XXLP6 is pretty good and stable firmware. The major bug with this firmware was GPS fixing issue. Thanks to our developer community XDA, you can easily fix GPS bus on I9100XXLP6 firmware in 2 minutes. Follow the instructions below.

Root I9100XXLP6 Android ICS 4.0.3 Galaxy S2 firmware

I9100XXLP6 is latest Android ICS leak for Galaxy S2 I9100. Rooting the firmware is always easy by CF root method. Thanks to Chainfire for contribution to developer community. Lets root I9100XXLP6 in 2 minutes.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Install MIUI v4 ICS ROM on Galaxy S2 I9100 Android Fresh v2.1 with Video guide

Everybody is waiting for official ICS firmware for Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100. We have got some of alpha and beta leaked ICS firmware from Sammobile which proves that Samsung is really working hard on Android Ice Cream Sandwich version. But Samsung is not alone in that, our developer community also trying on ICS builds. Well today we will discuss about one more famous custom ROM i.e. MIUI ROM based on ICS CM9. Follow the instructions properly with Video guide to help you in installing the MIUI ROM on Galaxy S2. 

Monday, 23 January 2012

Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Detailed Review : Budget Android Smartphone

Samsung has captivated the High end Android market with galaxy S2 & more recently Galaxy Note. It has dominated the mid-segment with Galaxy ace & s1 and is going to release Galaxy Ace plus soon and now it has turned its focus on the entry level buyer. The absolute beginners to the world of Android & if you haven’t entered into the world of Smartphone’s then Samsung intends to convert you from a normal Symbian or java ,express music or Walkman phone user into this whole world of Smartphone’s & introduce you to Android where anything & everything is possible at the tip of your fingers ! And I promise you once you have experienced this you will never go back. Welcome ladies & gentleman to Samsung galaxy Y.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

How to check for latest firmware without using Kies for any Samsung Android Device including Galaxy S2 I9100 and Note N7000

Having a Hard time to get the latest official update for your Samsung Android phone? There is a very simple solution to this. Now you don`t need to connect your phone again and again to check for latest available official firmware for your mobile phone. This handy tool is created by Johan (million thanks to him) which will tell you the latest firmware for your phone in one click. Lets review CheckFus and Check Fus Pro Android Application.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

How to Root I9100XXLP2_I9100OXALP2 ICS Android 4.0.3 firmware

I9100XXLP2 is leaked but stable ICS firmware for Samsung Galaxy S2(SII) I9100. Altough rooting method for almost all the S2 firmwares is same but still few readers requested for it. So lets do it in 2 mins. Read on for details.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

I9100XXKPA Video Review Ice Cream Sandwich Leaked firmware Android 4.0.3

I9100XXKPA is the lastest leaked ICS firmware for Samsung Galaxy S2(SII) i9100. Well first question you will ask, How is the I9100XXKPA firmware? Is it a daily use firmware? What working or what`s not working in I9100XXKPA.Well now i have all the answers. After using this for almost a day, i can confidently suggest this ROM to my readers. Lets review it.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

How to improve battery life of my Android Smartphone?

Single biggest problem of having a smart phone is the constant fear that using it too much will drain its battery. You are always scared, when your phone will die out leaving nothing but a useless brick in your hands. And there’s no point in having a smart phone if its stuck near the wall socket charging all the time is there ! There are few ways to manage your phones battery consumption. Smart phones are usually not smart enough to manage the battery smartly. No offense, You might have seen people with iPhones carrying a USB cable around, well android smart phones are not so different. I am sure that most of you have already heard of evil Android OS battery bug. Usually an Android smart phone should last for a day i.e. if you fully charge it in the morning it should last till evening but Well that depends on your usage. We have listed down few causes and remedies for better battery backup on your Android smart phone.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus Price and launch date

Samsung has recently announced Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus which is upgraded variant of mid range Galaxy Ace S5830. As per the released Samsung galaxy ace Plus specification, it is equipped with 1GHZ processor with higher RAM and some tweaked features. Samsung said it will be launched in early 2012, but I think the wait is not going to be too long. Read on for details.

Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus Specification - Detailed specs

After the huge success of Galaxy Ace, Samsung is set to launch Ace plus. According the news from Samsung and as compared to previous Ace, the phone runs on android 2.3 Gingerbread, 1GHz processor is 25% faster than Galaxy Ace and has higher inbuilt memory. The phone also comes with slightly bigger screen with same resolution. There is not much improvement on the video side, Galaxy ace plus does not support HD recording. You can find the detailed specification of Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus.

Monday, 2 January 2012

CM9 on Galaxy S2(SII) I9100 Review : CyanogenMod 9 - Android 4.0.3 ICS Early builds

Everybody loves CyanogenMod ROMs and certainly CM9 is one of the most awaited custom ICS ROMs for Galaxy S2. Firstly we want to thank full team behind CM9 (AdamG, Atinm, Codeworkx, Coolya, Guiper, Nebkat, Unhelpful, Xplodwild, Yjwong, TeamHacksung, the CyanogenMod Team.) for the efforts they have put across for CM9 on Galaxy S2. We have already covered installation of initial build of CM9 and you can download it from XDA thread (take help from CM9 Installation procedure given on DialAndroid). Today I am excited to share a review by our reader Netanel. Read on for details.