Monday, 2 January 2012

CM9 on Galaxy S2(SII) I9100 Review : CyanogenMod 9 - Android 4.0.3 ICS Early builds

Everybody loves CyanogenMod ROMs and certainly CM9 is one of the most awaited custom ICS ROMs for Galaxy S2. Firstly we want to thank full team behind CM9 (AdamG, Atinm, Codeworkx, Coolya, Guiper, Nebkat, Unhelpful, Xplodwild, Yjwong, TeamHacksung, the CyanogenMod Team.) for the efforts they have put across for CM9 on Galaxy S2. We have already covered installation of initial build of CM9 and you can download it from XDA thread (take help from CM9 Installation procedure given on DialAndroid). Today I am excited to share a review by our reader Netanel. Read on for details.

Review by Netanel (Unedited)
Personally I’m using this ROM as my daily and I am very pleased.

My review regards Build 01022012 and may not be correct regarding older or newer builds.

First of all here are some screenshots:

Issues that I’m having and that I have found on the web:
- Battery drain can be pretty high while the display is on.
- Sometimes the ringtones won’t save correctly.
- Video Codecs still messed up. No video recording, no correct video playback (color distortions).
- Rotation doesn’t work as expected, but within 3D Apps like "Spirit HD", it seems to work just fine.
- Specific screen elements start to flicker from time to time.
- Applications in the marked that get installed on the SD Card by default won’t install at all. Installation fails and you get a message that the installation on USB memory / SD Card failed.
- The "Volume Hack" sometimes causes the Music Player to Force Close, but that might be totally random.
-Trouble with mtp and mass storage connection.

CyanogenMod 9s greatest advantage over stock is that it is very similar to AOSP (The original ICS) and it doesn’t have TouchWiz. The multitasking works great and smooth, Face unlock is very cool and everything else is running very smooth. Now to details:

Display & Performance:
The image quality and brightness levels seem just fine. The display rotation reacts very slowly, but so far I haven’t seen any graphical glitches while rotating.
Overall Performance seems quite good, although there are still some little lags with opening Applications and quick scrolls through different menu's or Google Maps.
It's an early alpha, which doesn’t even get full support yet. And for an early build like this, it performs just wonderfully!

Audio behaves very well, though occasionally I run into some trouble with the Volume Hack Application, which has been introduced to resolve the fact that the volume was very low.
Other than that: The Volume is pretty loud, I would say close to Stock. It’s clean and vibrant. Better than expected here as well.

Sensors, Microphone & NITZ:
As we know, there are still some issues with the hardware Sensors right now.
For example I might get a black screen when somebody calls me, but a push on the home button resolves that problem. It happens occasionally, but once resolved, the display reacts correctly to "phone at ear" and "phone not at ear".
Now there is the question with the NITZ Bug that was present in earlier builds before. It made phone calls and mobile internet impossible for users which were using Providers with NITZ support. Gladly, the NITZ "No Service" Bug is not present anymore when using XXKP8 modem, and now calls, SMS & mobile Internet all work!
Call quality is actually quite good and very stable, and the microphone on phone calls works flawlessly.

Camera works now! And the quality is surprisingly good. The Panorama function is actually really good,my first few tests showed almost no errors in stitching quality.
Video Recording doesn’t work. Video Recorder starts, but as soon as you hit the record button, it crashes. Video playback isn’t working properly either.


Thanks to Netanel, Try4Ce & Codeworkx.



  1. Where can I download?

  2. You can download here:

    Just make sure you know what you're doing.

  3. ─▒ have problem messaage restore 2.3.6 install :) p├╝fffffff

  4. Dialandroid

    can i request to you instruction for rooting 2.3.6 KL1 official or Signed for Galaxy S2?

    Please response

  5. @Trouble

    What the hell does that have to do with this article!

    people cant make guides on how to root each firmware.


    Please search google and XDA before asking questions like this.

  6. (and ask questions in english plz, it's a pain in the ass to have to decrypt the meaning each time. Makes you want to give up, instead of helping you out. :) )

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