Wednesday, 11 January 2012

How to improve battery life of my Android Smartphone?

Single biggest problem of having a smart phone is the constant fear that using it too much will drain its battery. You are always scared, when your phone will die out leaving nothing but a useless brick in your hands. And there’s no point in having a smart phone if its stuck near the wall socket charging all the time is there ! There are few ways to manage your phones battery consumption. Smart phones are usually not smart enough to manage the battery smartly. No offense, You might have seen people with iPhones carrying a USB cable around, well android smart phones are not so different. I am sure that most of you have already heard of evil Android OS battery bug. Usually an Android smart phone should last for a day i.e. if you fully charge it in the morning it should last till evening but Well that depends on your usage. We have listed down few causes and remedies for better battery backup on your Android smart phone.

Reasons for poor batter backup:
  • Using high brightness on screen 
  • Poor Network reception Background applications and sync 
  • Use of flash lights 
  • Too much load on processor 
  • Over clocking 
  • User specific settings 
  • Multiple Email accounts & sync Notifications 
  • Abnormal battery charging cycle 
  • Use of GPS
How to solve battery drain in smart phone
  • Adjust your screen brightness - If your phone is equipped with light sensor then best is to use Automatic brightness. This is most important step if you want to save the battery.
  • Power saving feature - Enable power saving from Settings >> power saving
  • System power saving - Not all the phones have this but latest phone like Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 & Note N7000 have this feature.
  • Multiple Email Accounts- Your phone automatically syncs your Email accounts every few minutes. Decrease the frequency or turn it to manual so that it syncs only when you open the Email App.
  • Notifications- Many apps are allowed to display pop-up notifications. Turn off the ones you don’t really need.
  • Use of connectivity options -
    • GPS should be only used when it is required. Leaving it on will unnecessary drain your battery. 
    • WiFi should be on when you use internet for long time. Prefer mobile data for background syncs. 
    • Try to minimize Push service as they will keep your data modem busy. You can set refresh interval rather than having push. 
    • Switch off bluetooth when you are not using headset or any other device.
  • Applications - Use all the apps which you like but don`t put burden on your phone memory and processor.End the apps after use.
  • Widgets and home screens - Try to minimize the Widgets as they use lot of battery, data and system resources
  • Use of live wallpaper - Live wallpapers are awesome but not for the battery. Also try to use darker (more black) still wallpapers.
  • Vibration intensity - Try to keep this in mid level.
  • Screen timeout setting - Try to keep this to minimum level.
  • Avoid using Double Tap for voice activation 
If you still want more battery then you should consider buying an extra capacity battery pack.


  1. Is it possible to connect the battery of samsung galaxy note with samsung galaxy s2?

  2. hw mch battery booster apps are effective to save battery life?

    1. to a extent they do... Actually they just play with settings