Wednesday, 1 February 2012

How to Share files between iPhone and Android using Bump

If you are bored of sending files to your friends phone over Bluetooth & cannot be bothered by the task of making your phone discoverable , then searching for your friends device then trying to send the files there’s a simple & fun way to transfer your files now. Well this will give you a feel what NFC (near field communication) is, although its not based on NFC Hardware. You can share files between iPhone and Android. 
Its called BUMP & yes it has resemblance the fist to fist bump you do with your friends.Its simple,fast & fun !! All you do is open the app select the file you want to send, have your friend to open the app as well & just hold your phone in your palm & fist bump your phone lightly against your friends and files will be transferred ! 

MAGIC !! …not really .

It uses the internet to transfer files but its really fast. And once you have bumped your phone with your friends phone you can send messages anytime anywhere. 

You can share Photos,Apps & contacts .Bump for Apple devices can transfer music too, hopefully that will be included for Android soon. And the best part is you can transfer stuff  from Iphones to Android devices which is not possible over Bluetooth. This App is free so try it out & let me know what you think.

Watch BUMP in Action in our DialAndroid Youtube Channel.