Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Install ICS Themed Sunday Final ROM on Galaxy ACE S5830 based on CM7

For all those who have been waiting for Samsung to release ICS for your Ace must surely realise by now that is not going to happen. Thankfully you have very talented developers who build custom rom for your phones and tweak its performance. Previously we had published an article about ICS Myth Rom for Ace which was a ICS themed light-weight rom based on gingerbread. Now there is another Rom out. This Rom is called ICS FINAL which is very popular amongst Cyanogenmod users as it based on cm7. Lets see how to Install ICS Sunday Final on Galaxy ACE.
As it is based on CyanogenMod, you can bet that it is fast. It has custom animations & looks pretty cool and is fast. Since its priority is with speed & performance battery life takes bit of a hit. It is basically cm7.2 with ICS theme. So it basically gives you the performance of CyanogenMod with the looks of ICS.


Follow below steps to install the Sunday Final on Ace 

  • Take proper backup of your phone and charge the battery top a good level (preferably 100% to avoid battery calibration issue) 
  • Restart your phone in CWM mode using Home and power button 
  • Wipe data/Factory reset >> yes 
  • Wipe Cache partition >> Yes 
  • Advanced >> Wipe delvik Cache >> Yes 
  • Now in main menu go to Install ZIP from SD card and show the location of the file Wait till installation is complete Reboot the system now Once system boots up >> goto Applications Theme Changer and select Ice Cream Sandwich That`s it you are done.

Bugs found : Slight problems with the touch. Random selections happen .