Thursday, 9 February 2012

MIUY4 : MIUI ICS for Galaxy ACE S5830 Guide & Review

Android community has its fair share of talented developers who tweak & make your phone do things which even you thought was not possible.MIUI & Cyanogen are two groups which have made the most significant advances in the Android world. I have already written about the Cyanogen mod for your Ace and the pretty Myth ICS ROM. And finally MIUI mod is here for Ace. MIUI roms have become very famous thanks to its unique looks.Its astoundingly beautiful.It completely bowls you over & mesmerises you with the fantastic graphics & features. If you are bored of you old Stock rom you should definitely try this one!!

But I must tell you this is not the original MIUI rom.It is called MIUY4. MIUI has not come out with a rom for Ace yet and we never know when we will get it.So for the time being you have a gingerbread based rom which looks exactly a MIUI rom with a twist.And the twist is that it also has ICS features in it !!! The basic layout is made to look like MIUI and the rest is like ICS.I must say a great attempt by the developers.And yes it performs pretty good too.

Follow below steps to install the MIUY4 rom on your Ace 
  • Take proper backup of your phone and charge the battery top a good level (preferably 100% to avoid battery calibration issue)
  • Restart your phone in CWM mode using Home and power button
  • Wipe data/Factory reset >> yes
  • Wipe Cache partition >> Yes
  • Advanced >> Wipe delvik Cache >> Yes
  • Now in main menu go to Install ZIP from SD card and show the location of the file Wait till installation is complete Reboot the system now Once system boots up >> Just wait for 5 minutes before you start using it.
Enjoy MIUI V4 on your phone...
Thumbs up to Team Adreno Ace