Thursday, 1 March 2012

Android Battery life and CPU clocking with SetCPU

No matter how good your phone’s specs are there’s one key factor which determines whether the phone is great and that is the battery. Having a great phone with poor battery backup is like having a powerful car with a hole in the fuel tank. You can only experience its power for a fraction & then its gone!! Many sites give you several suggestions on how to how to save battery. I had published few of my own thoughts in it some time back.(Save Battery on Android).

Now I found a better way to save your phone from dying on you when you need it most.

The main consumer of power is of course your display and the CPU. Now you can control the power consumed by your screen by adjusting the brightness of the screen. The next power guzzler is the CPU. So if you can control the power consumed by the CPU you have an effective way to save your battery.

So the logic goes something like this. You need your phone to perform at maximum speed when you are using it i.e when the display is on. When the display is off you make the CPU run at very slow speed so that minimum amount of battery is consumed i.e. underclock the cpu when the display is off. Don’t worry there is no complicated way to do this. All you need to do is download an app called Setcpu which you can find in the Android market.


• Phone should be rooted. (If you have galaxy Ace check root guide )
• Download the app to you phone (I’m sorry it’s a paid app. Nothing good comes for free).

After downloading the app you need to set profile in the app. 

Here is a step by step procedure.

• Install app and go to profiles.
• Click on add a new profile and select ‘’screen off’’.
• Set the frequency low for this profile. You can keep both the min and max same and keep a low frequency number.
• Select either conservative or power save in the scaling option.
• Priority does not matter since only 1 profile is present.
• Save the profile.
• Click on enable.
• In the main page increase max & min to higher frequency.
You can use this for any phone. Just know your processor capacity so that you don’t over clock it because it will take a lot of battery when the phone screen is on.