Sunday, 25 March 2012

Install official MIUI ICS ROM Android 4.0 ROM for Galaxy S2 I9100

MIUI is no doubt one of the most beautiful ROM you can have on your phone. Now you can have MIUI based on Ice cream sandwich for your Samsung Galaxy S2. Previously we have covered one article on MIUI on DialAndroid about MIUI Fresh v2.1 based on CM9. But now MIUI is based on Official ICS firmware.Read on for more details and snaps from MIUI ICS ROM for Galaxy S2 I9100.
Installing a custom ROM will void your warranty.  Please do it at your own risk.

Snap Shots from MIUI ICS

Whats Working (This is till 23 March 2012 build)
  • Basic functions like Phone SMS and other things
  • Camera Still and video recording
  • Music Player , Radio
  • WiFi, 3G, 2G , Bluetooth
  • USB storage
  • Pre Rooted
  • Sync and email
  • Superb graphics
  • Some amazing MIUI features - iPhone type interface, MIUI torch, Car mode, Data monitor, Firewall, 3D effect, Themes and effect
  • 3G video call - you will not find option to make it but do a trick ... call the number you want to make call and immediately disconnect then you will see Video call button as in Samsung Stock FW.
Bugs and issues (This is till 23 March 2012 build)
  • Major - You will not be able to see the contact name when somebody calls you and there is difference in number storage format i.e. +country code or 0 format
  • Minor - Little issue with Battery .. but you can use for daily use
  • Use 2G/3G toggle mode will freeze device.
You can refer Video which we have made for MIUI Fresh v2.1 Youtube link

How to Install official MIUI ICS ROM on Galaxy S2
  • You need a pre rooted phone with CWM installed
  • Download latest build ROM from MIUI website 
  • Copy this file to  your system SD card
  • Reboot in to recovery mode by using Vol up+Home + Power combo... Just press and hold all three till Samsung logo appears then keep pressing VOL up and home till you see CWM
  • Scroll to Wipe Data/Factory Reset >>> Yes
  • Scroll to Wipe cache partition >> Yes
  • Scroll to Advanced >> Wipe Delvik Cache >> Yes
  • Go back to main menu and scroll to mount and Storage menu >>> format /system
  • Go back to main menu and scroll to install Zip from SD card >> Choose Zip from SD Card >> scroll to>> click ok by home button, wait till install is complete
Wait till installation is complete and then reboot phone.

For initial setup give your phone 5-10 minutes and you are ready to go.

Enjoy beauty of MIUI.......


  1. what is the difference between a rooted and pre-rooted phone?? how to do it? please help..thanks

  2. Where can i get a pre rooted ics?

  3. Pre rooted is nothing but rooted phone.. .you need to have a rooted phone... i.e. CWM installed

  4. Thanks shalini...will my needs to be rooted after istalling this rom? Or its already rooted?

    1. Its aleeady rooted.. Just you need to switch on root permissions from guard app as shown in pic3

  5. Kernel Panic Upload ? What mean ?

    1. try flash any stock ROM using ODIN then try miui again

  6. Do the themes works?? besides there is also a guide to root the device? please I new to this...


    A video review!

  8. Question: Is there an MIUI ROM compatible with I9100g out ?