Saturday, 27 April 2013

Galaxy S4 Delivery gets delayed with most carriers and Retailers

Its bad but it its true. If you have pre ordered your Samsung Galaxy S4 and waiting for it then you might need to wait a little longer because except few carriers, most of the carriers and retailers are getting Galaxy S4 shipments delayed. Yesterday only we have posted about S4 delivery from AT&T, which was actually before the launch date. Read on for details.

In USA people who have ordered it through online AT&T website have started receiving it, other still have to wait. Major retailers like BestBuy , RadioShack and WalMart are not getting proper inventory and Pre order shipment are getting late.

Check the below note from Walmart, USA


For AT&T - No shipping information available.
For T-Mobile Galaxy S4 release pushed to 9th May 2013

So the question is, At one end AT&T is shipping phones even before there store launch date of 27 April, 2013. Why not other carriers & retailers getting stocks ontime?

Share your thoughts on it.

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