Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Galaxy S4 S View Flip Cover EF-CI950BBESTA Review

S View Flip cover is the official case By Samsung Galaxy S4. But in the world of accessories, I will call it a revolution. It’s not only a flip case it is a smart flip case with S-View. It enhances your connectivity of the phone and mingles well with it. To justify this, let’s discuss in detail about it.

This cover is unique because of its transparent window on the top called S-view. This window lets you see all sorts of notifications and information, which u like glancing at, throughout your day and of course without even opening the flip case. It shows notifications like time, date, missed calls, messages, music information (if you are playing a song). You can even respond to a call through this window.

Some of the striking features about this S view are:
  • Receive or reject a call through this window.
  • The texture is very smooth so as to protect S4’s screen.
  • To lock the phone simply close the flip case and to unlock simply open it.
  • To view notification in the window, press unlock button.
  • Unique battery saving feature activates only a portion of the window
  • To accessorize your phone with this flip case you need to remove S4’s back cover and replace it with the flip case.

What not so good -

  • The S View is priced around $60 approximately which is on a higher side.
  • This Cover doesn’t support Wireless charging, So if you are planning to buy wireless charger then it may be a setback for you.

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