Wednesday, 1 May 2013

How to use Galaxy S4 as TV Remote with WatchOn App

Got your new S4 and still searching how to use S4 at TV Remote.Among the many amazing features which Samsung Galaxy S4 offers, we will discuss about inbuilt infrared capabilities which allows S4 to be used as an universal remote. With the help of WatchOn S4 aims at providing better user comfort and experience. It has climbed a new stair in terms of communication between gadgets. Let see how it works and how easily you can configure it.

WatchOn is a built in app for using your S4 as a remote controller for your TV. It works through an inbuilt Infrared capable LED available on the S4. Thereby enabling S4 to interact with TV, setup boxes, blu-ray players etc. You can experience this on all the Samsung devices.

With WatchOn you can:
1. Perform various remote control functions like navigating through channels, controlling volume etc.
2. Go to Smart hub on your Smart TV.
3. Stream videos from your tv to phone or vice-versa.

So let’s get start:
1. Click WatchOn icon.
2. Enter the required information.
3. Select the service provider.
4. Tap on the Remote icon on the top right corner of the screen.
5. Configure the unique code.
6. Device information starts getting downloaded.
7. It will ask you to tap the button to turn on your TV.
8. Upon successful configuration your TV should turn on.
9. Select “yes this code works”.
10. Select either setup box ot Samsung Tv depending on your choice.

See Video Tutorial Here

With features like WatchOn, we expect Samsung to knit all your personal devices into one network. Stay tuned for more amazing features of S4.


  1. How do you set up surround sound or a blu-ray player with the remote?