Thursday, 9 May 2013

Twitter App updated with Trends and more

Twitter app has been undergoing a lot of changes off late. Initially twitter had a boring interface and the developers didn't concentrate much on improving the their mobile apps and the users flocked to secondary apps like Tweetcaster, Seesmic etc which had higher users than the official twitter app. But the last set of updates brought about some much need aesthetic changes.

The new & improved twitter app is simply sublime. What the new update brings is  a new feature called Trends. Along with few other bug fixes & improvements.

Earlier you could see only the local trends but the update lets you see emerging trends from around the world.You can choose different locations & check out the emerging trends there. The new update has also included  an option in the menu to switch between different accounts making it much more easier for people with  multiple accounts .
If you haven't already updated your twitter app ,do so at the earliest.

Happy tweeting !

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