Thursday, 2 May 2013

What is so special in Samsung Galaxy S4?

Today technology is all about comfort of users. The recently launched Galaxy S4 offers excellent hardware utilization in line with real life use and a wide array of recognition technologies, giving the user a never before experience. This make Galaxy S4 so special and Samsung gave it a tag line of "Life companion".Read on for more details.

Samsung Galaxy S4 takes sensor utilization on a smartphone to a new level. Having sensors on board is not enough, utilizing them is also important. Samsung has made tough efforts to do that which are very much self explanatory in Picture below. (Image Courtesy - Samsung Tomorrow)

1. The Gesture sensor with the help of infrared rays emitting from your palm reads the hand movement. Thus allowing you to accept calls, scroll pages or arrange your photos.

2. Proximity sensor reads the distance of your face with the phone which results in saving battery by turning off the screen when you are on call.

3. Gyro sensor reads the inclination of the phone. This sensor lets you scroll the screen up and down by tilting it.

4 & 5. Accelerometer and Barometer together makes S4 your health assistant. While Accelerometer counts the number of steps you have taken; barometer can accurately calculate calories burned by taking in account the atmospheric pressure, current location and altitude.

6. Geomagnetic Sensor determines your exact location. Hence resulting in an accurate GPS.

7. Temperature/Humidity sensor through a small hole at the base of S4, determines the optimal comfort levels for you after accessing the humidity levels and temperatures of your surroundings.

8. Hall Sensor is the sensor that saves you from the hassle of locking and unlocking your phone. It reads whether S-View Flip Cover is open or closed.

9. S4 has the capability of optimizing screen brightness and sharpness. It has RGB Light Sensor located on the top left of the screen. This sensor reads the intensity of the light and then adjusts the screen brightness and sharpness to reduce your eye fatigue.

The above sensors are energy efficient and consume very less battery. The software optimization enables you rich user experience.Well these are not the only things which makes Galaxy S4 a special phone. Apart from these some excellent features in Camera and other tweaks makes it different from other phones. As S4 aims to be your life companion by integrating itself in all the fields of your life, please do share with us your experience related to S4.

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