Friday, 28 June 2013

HTC One with Pure stock Android

The Android family is so vast that it has its own sub communities. Those belonging to the Samsung family, who despise anything else , those belonging to the Sense UI community and of course the coveted Nexus clan who will settle for nothing else than the purest Android experience. The nexus clan keep waiting for Google to release their Nexus brand phone each year and will settle for nothing else. Well, this news should make them very happy. 

Free MapMyIndia Locate APP Review : Family Tracker App

MapmyIndia needs no introduction. It has been the most popular location-based GPS service available in India. MapmyIndia maps app is available on various platforms on a subscription based model. We also see a lot of in-car GPS devices that run MapmyIndia. Now Mapmyindia launched a free app which helps you locate your family member.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Latest GMail Android & iPhone App update : New features

Google has updated their Gmail app for both Android & IOS. New changes are both aesthetic & functional. Believe us, its totally a new experience with Holo theme. Let`s find out. 

How to Use Google Hangout Voice/Video on AT&T cellular network

If you are on AT&T and use Google Hangout, then there is some bad news for you. AT&T has blocked the use of Google Hangout Voice and video feature on its network. It means that you can’t access Hangout Voice/video from cellular 3G/4G LTE network, however you can still do text chat. If you need Voice/video then you need to be search for WiFi.