Friday, 28 June 2013

Free MapMyIndia Locate APP Review : Family Tracker App

MapmyIndia needs no introduction. It has been the most popular location-based GPS service available in India. MapmyIndia maps app is available on various platforms on a subscription based model. We also see a lot of in-car GPS devices that run MapmyIndia. Now Mapmyindia launched a free app which helps you locate your family member.

The developers of MakemyIndia now offer a further enhanced app – Locate. Locate enables you to track your phonebooks contact’s location. What’s more, all this happens in real time and uses minimal data connection.

Here’s a snapshot of the features Locate offers:
- Add at most three contacts that you wish to track. Upon approval, you can locate them in real time on map based on their check-in pattern
- All locations get updated in background, hence saving your battery life
- With the help of cache, locations are updated as and when an active internet connection is identified. Thereby enabling “Always connected” ability on maps
- Generate reports of upto five days with full address mapping
- Track and record your own movement
- Access all reports via

We feel this is a great offering from the MapmyIndia team. Locate can help you track other’s movement and hence keep you tension-free at all times. But, the point is how many of us are willing to allow this tracking to happen every time? I may not wish to be tracked each day.

Please share your experience with Locate.

Currently, available on Android, expect it on other platforms soon.
Link to download:

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