Friday, 28 June 2013

HTC One with Pure stock Android

The Android family is so vast that it has its own sub communities. Those belonging to the Samsung family, who despise anything else , those belonging to the Sense UI community and of course the coveted Nexus clan who will settle for nothing else than the purest Android experience. The nexus clan keep waiting for Google to release their Nexus brand phone each year and will settle for nothing else. Well, this news should make them very happy. 

At the recent D11 conference Google announced that the new HTC One will soon be available with stock android.You will be able to experience Android's Nexus magic on the gorgeous HTC One. HTC One, already a hit thanks to its stunningly beautiful design will be able to flaunt the Nexus experience. This phone is launched on play store on June 26th, priced at $599 on the play store.

Google’s edition of HTC one will roll out with Jelly Bean 4.2.2 and will have 32GB of storage. And the best part, is being able to receive the latest updates from Google along with the other nexus devices. 

Google also plans to launch the Galaxy S4 with its stock OS. Also scheduled for release on June 26th. Only time will tell as to which phone will people flock to buy. 

To me nothing beats the combination of HTC One & nexus. It can’t be anything short of magical when the beauty meets the beast. Well, it looks like Christmas will come early this year.

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