Saturday, 8 June 2013

Latest GMail Android & iPhone App update : New features

Google has updated their Gmail app for both Android & IOS. New changes are both aesthetic & functional. Believe us, its totally a new experience with Holo theme. Let`s find out. 

When you open the app the first thing you notice is that the  mails are marked by  big tiles on the left bearing the senders first alphabet (if the sender is not in your contact list) or by the senders photo if the sender is in your contact list. The tiles bear different colors for different senders, making it easier to identify multiple mails by the same sender.Slide out navigation is hidden on the left hand side & can be activated by dragging it to the right.Swiping the received mail to the left or to the right gives you an option to delete or archive it (depending on your general settings). 

So the new inbox feature's are

New Theme
Contact photos
Quick reply , delete & archive option , 
The slide out navigation 
Better search option 

But in all seriousness, who in this world isn’t a fan of Gmail now? 

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