Saturday, 27 July 2013

How to Get complete web address from short URLs

Short URLs are becoming increasingly popular these days. It saves space and is easy to access. But many new technologies come with its downside. Want to know more what are those and how to see complete URL behind short tiny URLS? Read on for details. 
Well, in case of short URLs, you are just not sure what the actual URL will look like, unless, of course, you click on it. This can be extremely misleading as you may end up opening a spam website. Moreover, some browsers don’t always redirect you from a short URL. Also, there is potential risk of a malware coming from the website.

XDA Forum member – Perryb, was aware about this issue and has a solution for us. He developed an app that can help you expand the short URL. The app is light and very simple to use.
To rip a short URL, simply enter its hash code in the search box and hit Rip URL! The complete URL will be displayed.

We hope you find this simple yet useful app interesting. You can download URL Ripper for free form Playstore. Currently, the app is available on Android platform only.

Source: XDA forum

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