Monday, 29 July 2013

How to wirelessly charge your Samsung Galaxy S4

As many of you must be aware, the GS4 comes with a wireless charging feature allowing you to charge the device remotely. Read on to know more.

Today, we will review the wireless charging options available to us from the Samsung store itself. The charging pad costs $49. All you need to do is plug the pad into a wall socket with a micro-USB. The pad feels smooth and is quite big. The pad has dimensions clearly marked on it. Care must be taken to place the GS4 exactly on the marked outlet, else the charging won’t happen.

Once the device is in right place, the phone screen indicates that charging is enabled and the phone starts charging wirelessly.
Currently, the pad comes in grey color only. The other downside however, is, you need to buy a battery case to enable charging. The battery case costs a whopping $ 39 and comes in various colors. The panel makes the device bulkier. The panel is overpriced we felt.
Overall, if you wish to enable wireless charging in your GS4, we need to shed $ 90. Please note that all other wireless pads also work well with GS4, but you still need to buy that rear battery panel.
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Image Courtesy: Samsung store

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