Sunday, 21 July 2013

Krome – Get all your Android notifications on your desktop

Notifications on your Android phone are such a good thing to happen. With a single swipe you get to glance thru all the latest notifications. They also help you being updated at all times with minimal interaction with the phone. What if you can get them on your PC? Read on for details.

Imagine receiving all your Android notifications on your desktop? Krome, a relatively new app in Play store lets you receive notifications on your desktop. What’s more. You can also reply to an SMS from the desktop. Simply click on the SMS pop-up from desktop and enter your reply. The SMS is routed back to your Android device and sent to the destination number. Krome also maintains a log, so that you can monitor the list of notifications you receive on the device.

The app costs you $0.99. You will also need to install the Chrome browser extension on the desktop.

So how does it work?

1. Install Krome from Play store here.
3. Enable Accessibility Access on your Android phone.
4. Copy the alphanumeric code generated in app and paste it in the extension window.
5. That’s it. You start receiving notification pop-ups on your Chrome browser simultaneously.

You might want to turn off some system notifications from app settings, so that you only receive the most relevant ones on your desktop. Since the app is still new, we noticed it to be slightly slow at times. We also missed receiving some notifications.

For $0.99, you can’t ask for a better app. The developer promises to fix minor bugs in the next update. Keep coming for more reviews on some amazing Android apps.

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