Friday, 26 July 2013

Predict who is your next caller with Free Dailapp

Imagine a app that can predict the next caller in your mind? Amazing isn’t it? Well, Dialapp does just this. It knows whom you plan to call and suggests names accordingly.To know how this app is able to give us the results read on.

Well, there is no magic involved here. The concept is simple. Dialapp studies and monitors your call pattern based on the location and time. So every time you are at a particular location, and desire to make call, Dialapp will suggest you the name that you call most often from that location. Just by collecting your context-sensitive information, it displays your contact’s number that you intend to call.
The app is currently free to download on Play Store and is available only on Android. It is light and very simple to use. Our test results worked fine, but we leave it to you to decide how accurate the app is. Please let us know how your experience was.

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