Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Vine vs Instagram

All those who were looking for new ways to spend time stuck to their smartphone screens had a field day when Vine hit the market. The video sharing app nurtured by twitter has risen in popularity at an astronomical rate recently. Let find out all the fun with it and which one is better Vine or Instagram.
Vine app helps you share small video clips with your followers and watch the videos that are posted by those you follow. You can explore and find new videos of your liking using the hash tag feature and follow the activities of your fellow followers. Well you can call it a mini YouTube as videos are only 6 seconds long and keep looping. It’s a fun way to share things with your friends assuming they would be interested in watching your videos in the first place. The latest update to vine included another feature that twitter fans just love. Ever Re-tweeted something you found extremely funny to your followers? Of course you have. The new update included a feature to Re-vine your favorite video to your followers just like you Re-tweet.

Another popular video sharing app now is Instagram. Yes, the Facebook owned photo sharing app that millions just cannot live without introduced a new feature in their latest update. Instagram can now not only share photos but videos as well. Videos on Instagram can be upto 15 sec long, with the added advantage of using filters.

Of the two apps, its difficult to say which is better. But as Instagram already has a huge fan base, it is certainly in the lead. Instagram also has certain feature's which are better in terms of user experience. The videos on Instagram do not auto loop You also have the option of switching off the auto play so that these videos don’t play when you least expect it to, cause it can be embarrassing in public specially if the audio is loud. And of course the longer video length on Instagram lets you be a little more creative and let you tell your story a little better. But for some reason i feel I would rather look at photos on Instagram than videos. Photos still work your imagination unlike videos. The videos on Instagram takes a tad longer to load than Vine. Vine somehow feels more smoother and plays the videos more effortlessly.

Both are equally good apps. Only time will tell if Vine will be able to match the fan following that Instagram boasts.

For now try both the apps and lets see which one you become a fan of.

Vine for Android from Play Store

Instagram for Android from Play Store

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