Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Google Verify Apps - Your Android device is a lot safer now

With over 1.5 Billion activation each day; Android devices are prone for some malware. Also the fact that it is open attracts more risk. For a while, the OS was in news for lot of malware attacks and threat. But now you can release your tension as far as malware Apps are concerned. This article will help you on how to protect your Android phone from Apps Malware or Bad Apps.Read on for more details.

Monday, 12 August 2013

How to hide/invisible youself on WhatsApp without blocking someone

Text messaging is almost an extinct form of communication these days, specially since the meteoric rise of the smart phone’s. Popular apps like We chat, Hike, Voxer and of course WhatsApp , have replaced traditional text messaging. The advantages are many. We can share pictures, voice recordings, share our location, have group chats and of course send unlimited amount of messages. It’s almost like a mini social network.