Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Google Verify Apps - Your Android device is a lot safer now

With over 1.5 Billion activation each day; Android devices are prone for some malware. Also the fact that it is open attracts more risk. For a while, the OS was in news for lot of malware attacks and threat. But now you can release your tension as far as malware Apps are concerned. This article will help you on how to protect your Android phone from Apps Malware or Bad Apps.Read on for more details.

Google has a solution already in place. With first launched in v4.2, the feature is now available on all versions starting v2.3. Verify Apps, as Google calls it, is a feature that scans your device for malware and any illegal download.

Verify Apps prompts you to verify whenever it comes across any suspicious download. It can be either from the Play Store or by any other means of download. Google claims that it will cover most of the devices as it comes in v2.3 and higher. This is a much awaited feature from Google and now you can expect your Android devices to be a lot safer.

Every time Google suspects a malware, it will throw up an error message asking you to either continue or stop downloading. Also, as you download an app, the feature warns you to discontinue the download.

To enable Verify Apps you need to goto Google Settings in your Android phone menu and then click on Verify Apps and then just enable the check box.

So go ahead, explore the device more and download apps fearlessly. For more details on Google Verify Apps Check this Google Support Page

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