Monday, 12 August 2013

How to hide/invisible youself on WhatsApp without blocking someone

Text messaging is almost an extinct form of communication these days, specially since the meteoric rise of the smart phone’s. Popular apps like We chat, Hike, Voxer and of course WhatsApp , have replaced traditional text messaging. The advantages are many. We can share pictures, voice recordings, share our location, have group chats and of course send unlimited amount of messages. It’s almost like a mini social network.

The drawback is you need internet connection on your device, and the biggest i feel is it’s getting harder and harder to avoid people and ignore their messages even if you try because they know whether you received it and if you’re online.

Social beings that we are, there are times when we want to ignore someone and message only the person that we want to. And if you are using WhatsApp the person you are trying to avoid will definitely know you are online. So how you ask can you text the one who want without hurting the feelings of the person you are trying to ignore? Or how to flirt with a new girl without our girlfriend realizing you are online? Here’s how to do so if you are an avid user of whatsapp.

  • Close WhatsApp
  • Switch off your net.
  • Open WhatsApp (without switching on the internet connection)
  • Choose the contact you want to message and type the message and hit send.
  • Close the WhatsApp again.
  • Now switch on your net. Do not open WhatsApp The message you typed earlier will be sent as WhatsApp syncs in the background without showing that you’re online.
  • Again when you receive a message, do not open WhatsApp without turning off the internet first.
  • You can turn off the net , open WhatsApp, read the message then reply to it, close the app and turn on the net again.

So to others who check on you, it will show the last seen time as the time you used the app normally (as in both net on and app open.)

So there you go .. Try it out.

Happy WhatsApping!

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