Wednesday, 2 October 2013

HTC OneX gets 4.2.2 with BlinkFeed & Sense 5.0 update

After a long wait HTC finally rolled out new set of updates for its previous flagship phone The HTC ONE X. And boy it was worth the wait. The new update upgrades the phone to Android 4.2.2 .Yes I know, those with the nexus will be quick to point out and be smug  about their phones running on Android 4.3  but hey at least we have Sense 5.0 and the amazing Blink Feed that set the HTC ONE apart from the rest of the competition. 
The new update which you can download and install OTA is 450ish M.B file. Its gives the One X a much needed overhaul both look and functionality wise. Sense 5.0 is simply superb. It almost gives you a sense of what it would be like if you owned a HTC ONE.

The main features of the update like I mentioned is the upgrade to 4.2.2. And  HTC Sence 5.0. I promise you , your ONE X will never look and feel the same because the changes are not only skin deep. There’s a complete overhaul of the interface from your icons to your widgets and the locked screen to your Home screen. There’s an easy access nexus style multi settings options in the drop down menu which makes things much easier to access settings. The notification bar too has been overhauled and it shows preview of unread messages, unseen missed calls etc. The lock screen shows the Time and weather & is a simple yet elegant widget and as before it shows the quick launch home screen buttons as well. Unlocking requires you to just swipe the screen upwards. Almost every Home icon has been changed and they look great. The main menu on the other hand is not something I fancy. It looks quite dull, and previously the screens which used to move horizontally now move vertically. The camera has more options to use filters while taking a new photo’s and there’s a slight change to the camera options.  Everything from contacts to the gallery, to the battery icon has been overhauled and it’s a refreshing change.

But the most awaited feature is probably the Blinkfeed. Its simply beautiful and for the socially active, it’s heavenly. All your Facebook , Twitter , Flickr and Instagram live feeds on your home screen. You never have to go click on the individual App anymore. Blinkfeed also gives a list feeds for you to choose from. From news to sports to technology news, you can choose your favorite sites and the feeds just automatically appear on your home screen in live time. It’s amazing. Although if you are like me and like a nice widget free homescreen then it may feel a bit cluttered at times.
If the update is available in your country download it as soon as you can and enjoy the experience.
Happy Updating and welcome to Sense 5.0 !
The update is roughly 450ish M.B file, so make sure you have a fast secure WIFI network before downloading and make sure your phone is well charged before you install.

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