Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Truecaller - Get real identity of the caller free

All of us have surely faced the need of finding the identity of the caller at some point of time. Today we are bringing to your notice an app which will work as you phone directory and will let you know a lot of details about your callers Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. Read on for more.

Truecaller is a phone directory with a Caller ID free of cost. Some of its features are mentioned below:

1. Look for mobile and landline numbers from all over the world.
2. Provides you with caller’s address, pictures etc.
3. Through community blacklist you can blacklist callers from your personal directory as well as you can block the spammers.

4. See your friend’s latest social status information of their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, whenever they call you.

You can pay for the app if you want following:

1. To know who viewed your profile.
2. If you want Truecaller ad free.
3. Contact request from other Truecallers.

Steps to install the app are quite simple:

A pretty handy app to locate and identify your callers. Serves the purpose in an easy to use interface. You can download from playstore and update to premium version later if you feel the need. That’s all for today friends. Do let us know your views on this.

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