Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 Unique and new features

Whenever a new mobile device sets in for launch there are lots of rumors and expectation. I have been eagerly watching all the galaxy launch event from last few year and I should say S5 launch event was most satisfying one. Let see what we have got in new Galaxy S5 and what is unique. Read on for details.

Worldwide launch (150 countries) – April 11th 2014

First lets list out main note point from the announce event and the unique ones with description -

·         5.1 Super AMOLED full HD
·         Local contrast algorithm
·         Super Dimming
·         Adaptive display

·        16 MP sensor
·         faster response time
·         Fastest 0.3 second AF
·         Hybrid auto focus -- phase and auto contrast  à It is the same used in NX series camera, first in a smart phone.
·         New Rich tone HDR - What you see what you get à You don`t have to worry about holding the camera still and wait
·         Smartphone first Video HDR à First time in a smart phone, you can shoot video in HDR.
·         Shallow depth of field effect same as DSLR à Amazing feature perfect for portraits. Same effect what you get in most DSLR or interchangeable camera
·         Selective focus (Focus only the part you want)

·         Full worldwide LTE coverage
·         WiFi 5th generation AC standard- world first in smart phones
·         Download booster – This use both LTE and WiFi to give you amazing download speeds. You can download 1GB in just 30 secs.

·         New robust Samsung Knox
·         IP67 water and dust resistant but not waterproof
·         Secure mobile payment
·         Finger scanner
·         Private mode
·         One click Kids mode

·         Ultra power saving mode – This will turn display to black and white and bare minimum when you left with 10% battery to give you extra time to search for charger.
·         10 hours LTE net surfing
·         12 hours video playback

Life style
·         Heart rate sensor at back with flash
·         All new S-Health
·         ANT+ support for compatibility with different fitness devices
·         Coach App with S health to help you in  - exercise , food, sleep, stress, weight

7.    Samsung sound premium headphones

8.    Samsung Galaxy Gifts

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