Saturday, 22 February 2014

Samsung to Launch S5 in S5 normal & S5 Prime Variant

I know you all are waiting for 24 Feb 2014, when Samsung will announce its next Galaxy flagship. Till now there are lot of rumors about the launch but we personally hate to spread rumors. This time we got a reliable information from a reputed phone case manufacturer. Read on for details.

Phone Case and screen protector make Spigen has posted about Galaxy S5 cases. Product page also confirms that it is going to be in two variants, Galaxy S5 And Galaxy S5 Prime.

Here is the pic and link for the Ad... 

If above render is true then 

  • S5 will not have a dedicated camera button.
  • Looks slimmer than S4 but little like S2.
  • New advance LED flash

Lets see what comes on 24 Feb...  Enjoy latest Galaxy S5 AD till then

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