Friday, 14 March 2014

How to activate/Deactivate Safe mode on MOTO G

Android Safe mode is used to boot phone with all third party application disables. Safe mode is required because lot of times that particular app starts at normal boot and doesn`t let you diagnose or uninstall. Safe mode will help you to uninstall any troublesome app from your phone. Read on for details on how to enter or exit android safe mode on MOTO G.

To activate Safe mode on MOTO G

STEP 1 - Press and hold Power button for a sec till below the pop up comes.
STEP 2 - Touch and hold Power off option on pop up menu for 2 sec and you will see below POP up.
STEP 3 - Click on Ok.

Now phone will shut Down and reboot in Safe Mode.

You can confirm this with "Safe Mode" Watermark on the bottom left of your screen.

How to Deactivate or come out of Android Safe mode on MOTO G

Simply reboot your phone.

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