Sunday, 9 March 2014

How to Share files using Wi-Fi direct on Moto G

Lot of people have issues in using WiFi direct on MOTO G. You can connect other phone but not able to transfer files. Well there is a simple solution for it. Read on for details.

WiFi Direct is a function which is very useful in sharing big files between two phones. WiFi direct connects two phone together using their WiFi without any third router. This enable very fast data transfer speeds.

On MOTO G you will be able to connect two phones using WiFi-Direct but you will not be able to send/receive files with inbuilt software. However there are few simple and free apps available to do the job very easily. We will discuss Super Beam for its easy to use functionality.

You can download SuperBeam from Google Play. (Make a note that both phones need not to have Super Beam installed, however it become very easy if you install app on both phones)

Now you can just follow this short video to see how it works.

Let us know your feed back and if you have any issue please put in comments we will try our best to post solution for you.

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