Friday, 14 March 2014

How to use Cloud printing on MOTO G

Cloud services are simple, convenient & cost effective. Most of the smartphone are capable of cloud printing using different apps or extension. You can virtually print any document right from your smartphone to a cloud connected printer. Its easy to setup and print if you got the right steps. Read on for details on how to use cloud print on any MOTO G.
In this article I am not going to tell how to set up your printer to Google cloud print. You can do that easily using instruction on Google Cloud print website.

Lets see how to do it on your MOTO G Smartphone.

1. Setup up your printer on Google Cloud print.

2. Goto Settings >> Printing

3. Turn on the Google Cloud print

You will find all your printers listed in cloud print.

Now you can go to Galley, Quick office or any other editor to use print command.

This will show you the list of printers connected to your Google cloud.

Just Select the settings you need and hit print.

That`s it you will see your document printing on your printer soon.

Video coming Soon (This Weekend)

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