Monday, 17 March 2014

MOTO G Tips and Tricks

MOTO G is a cheap and budget smartphone. You can use it very efficiently and increase productivity and fun. We have listed some of the tips and tricks on MOTO G in this article and video. Read on for details.

1. Center Google Button to access Google Now
MOTO G center touch screen button is a very useful one. You can Just Tap and hold on Center touchscreen home button and slide to Google. This will give you instant Google Now access, No matter wherever you are.

2. Change wallpaper By touching blank space on home screen

3. Toggle Menus
Sliding down the Screen and pressing the top right icon will give you access to 9 toggle Icons
G+ profile, Brightness, Settings, WiFi, Network status & Data usage, Battery Status and usage, Airplane Mode, Bluetooth and GPS

4. Battery Saver
Go to Settings >> Battery >> Turn on the Battery Saver to enhance your battery life.

5. Use MOTO G as Pedometer
Even though not publicized, MOTO G can be used as fitness aid to count your steps or running. This feature is available in most of android phones with required sensors using third party apps like Runtastic Pedometer.

6. Use Widgets
Widgets gives you access to quick information right on your phone home screen. There are number of pre loaded and third part widgets available to enhance your productivity.

7. Camera Access from Lock Screen
You can directly goto camera from your MOTO G Lock screen by just touching the Camera icon on bottom Right and sliding to left.

8. Wireless Printing
MOTO G comes with inbuilt HP E-print plug in. Alternatively, you can use Google cloud print with compatible printers.

9. MOTO Assist
MOTO assist is Pre loaded app by Motorola which automatically control Ringer & auto-reply if you are in a meeting or its night time. Its an intelligent application which can be used to set phone profiles.

10. Create/edit Word,Excel/Powerpoint on MOTO G
MOTO G comes with Pre loaded Google Quickoffice which lets you to Create/edit Word,Excel/Powerpoint right from your phone.

11. 50 GB of free Google Drive Cloud storage for 2year
You don`t have expandable memory card option on MOTO G, but you can use Free Google Drive Cloud Data that comes bundled with MOTO G. TO activate simply setup your Google Account and run drive application.

12. MOTO G Camera Tips.
MOTO G camera is not as impressive as Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5s but you can use some handy options available Like Auto HDR, Slow motion video and Control Focus. You can also Geo Tag your Pics using phone GPS.

13. MOTO Migrate
You can use this App to transfer data from your Old iPhone/Android to your new MOTO G.

There might be many more which you can send us and we will update them in the article.. 

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