Saturday, 12 April 2014

Download Booster missing in AT&T Galaxy S5 SM-G900A

Galaxy S5 is just launched and already in some kind of issues with operators. AT&T, one of the biggest 4G LTE network in USA has started shipping out Galaxy S5 but with a surprise. Few features which were advertised by Samsung are not available in the retail units of AT&T Galaxy S5. Read on for details and screenshots.

We are talking about Download Booster which is missing in At&T Galaxy S5, at least in initial shipment.

Download Booster is a feature which enable higher download speeds with LTE & Wi-Fi together. This is a really usefull feature if you want to download some big file very fast (and you have good 3G/4G data).

This feature may be availble in the future via Software upgrade. But no official words from AT&T yet.

Checkout below video to get more details on this.
( At the time of making Video Kids Mode was also not clear, but now we figured out to install it Check this Article on How to Activate and Exit Kids Mode on Galaxy S5)

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