Saturday, 19 April 2014

Galaxy Gear Vs "Gear 2 & Neo" : Difference & improvements

Wearable are the next generation of the devices going to buzz. Last year when Samsung has launched Galaxy Gear then that looks little immature, obviously it was the first edition. This time Samsung has taken feedback from customers and tried to improve the Gear wearable line up. Let see what is the difference between Gear 2, Gear Neo and Gear Fit.
Samsung has done some big improvements on new Gear devices. Best being is battery life. The Galaxy Gear can only survive a Day but now new series can take you without charging upto 3 days.

I don`t like writing big paragraphs so let me Talk point to point

Galaxy Gear Vs "Gear 2 & Neo"

* Same screen size & Resolution for Galaxy Gear, Gear 2 and Gear Neo (1.63 inch)
* IP67 water resistant on new series
* Gear Fit has world`s first curved AMOLED on watch
* Improvement in processor from 800Mhz to 1 GHz
* OS now TIZEN on new Gear 2 , Neo
* Hardware Home button on Gear 2 and Neo
* Lesser Battery Capacity but more battery life (3 times better)
* Lighter than Galaxy Gear(73.8g), Gear 2 @ 68g & Neo @ 55g
* Thinner than Galaxy Gear (11.1mm) to 10mm in Gear 2 and Neo
* Camera improved to 2 MP on Gear 2. No Camera on Gear Neo
* Changeable straps in new series
* Hear rate sensor on all new Gear 2, Neo and Fit
* Gear 2 & Neo has IR blaster to use your watch as remote control
* Latest series of Gear got huge bonus on pricing front with Gear Neo & Fit @ $199

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