Saturday, 12 April 2014

How to Install/Activate/Exit Kids mode on Galaxy S5

Kids mode is a very useful feature on Samsung Galaxy S5. Samsung has not Pre-installed Kids mode on Galaxy S5, may to save some space for the users who don`t want that feature. But it is really easy to install if you know the steps. Below is the detailed guide on how to Install, activate and De-Activate/Exit Kids mode on Samsung Galaxy S5.

First time Installation of Kids mode on Galaxy S5-

STEP 1 : Long Tap on Home Screen to Enter to Widget Mode -

STEP 2 : Choose Kids mode Widget and place it on Home Screen

STEP 3 : Run the Widget icon and Perform one time installation

STEP 4 : After installation, It will exit and you will see the changed Kids Mode Icon on your Screen

Setting up Kids Mode - (After the Setup Phone will be in Kids Mode)

STEP 1 : Run the Kids mode for the first time and perform the Setup

Exiting/ De-activating Kids Mode on Galaxy S5

STEP 1 : Click on the Door Icon on the main screen of Kids Mode (Highlighted in RED BOX)

STEP 2 : Enter the Pin to Exit from Kids mode.

There is no other way to come out of Kids mode. Not even Re starting your phone.


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