Saturday, 12 April 2014

Regular Micro USB Cable/Charger/Connector for Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5 has came with lot of improvements in terms of features and hardware. Micro USB 3.0 port is one of them. Micro USB 3.0 offers faster Data transfer rate and faster charging through PC. But what about the old micro USB cables, Adapters, Chargers or car chargers. Read on for details.

GALAXY S5 has a micro USB 3.0 port which is backward compatible with regular micro USB port.

So you can use your old micro USB 2.0 OTG drives, Data cables, Chargers with Galaxy S5.

Below are few benefits of using USB 3.0 -
Faster data transfer rates

USB 2.0 ports on PC charge phone  ~ 500mA current, while USB 3.0 ~ 900mA. Which means Faster charging.

You can watch this Video for live action -

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