Monday, 5 December 2011

How to use USB jig on Galaxy S2 i9100 to reset Custom binary download counter/remove yellow triangle

Finally I was able to get one. Yes I am talking about USB Jig for Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100. With this USB Jig you can reset the custom binary counter to zero and also removes the yellow triangle on start up if you have rooted your device. This process is very simple and hardly takes a minutes.

How to reset custom Binary counter on Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 using USB Jig
  • Turn off your phone completely and remove the battery for 10-15 seconds
  • Put the battery back but don't switch on the device
  • Plug the USB Jig to Micro USB port of your phone
  • Wait for around 2-3 seconds
  • You phone screen will show "ERASING DOWNLOAD INFORMATION SUCCEEDED" in ODIN mode and Custom Binary Download : No

Now you can remove the battery and restart the phone.You will also notice that the yellow triangle which comes at start-up is gone now.

Refer to the video below for full procedures. You tube link

Leave comments below if you need any other information.

** If your jig doesn`t work that may be issue of new bootloader.. To solve this download old bootloader file  ( from XDA Goto Forum page and download Old bootloader )and unzip it then flash the old firmware on PDA tab using ODIN.. Then you USB Jig **